13 Best Ways To Stop Your Puppy from Backing for Attention

Puppies can be very stubborn when they start barking for attention because they will cause unwanted noises in your compound and the neighbouring areas. Therefore there are several ways to stop the puppy from barking for attention. This article shall discuss some of the most effective ways how to stop your puppy from barking for attention. Some of those ways are;

  1. Ignore The Dog

Don’t pay any attention to the dog. The puppy won’t know if he gets more attention or not by his barking since you are not paying any attention to him. The more attention you give the dog, the more he’ll want, so make sure you keep the attention off him. Thus, the puppy will get tired and focus on doing something else.

  1. Distract The Dog

Distract the dog from barking for attention by doing something unrelated to his barking. For instance, if you see the puppy barking for attention in the evening when you go out for your evening walk, bring some toys along with you and distract the puppy when he barks.

  1. Reward The Dog

The best method to stop a puppy from barking is to reward him. For this, whenever he stops barking for attention, give him a treat like meatballs or hotdogs. The most helpful thing about this method is that it works very well on puppies whose bark does not sound pleasant or loud. Since the puppy is getting rewarded when he stops barking, he won’t want to bark again. Therefore, the dog won’t bark for attention anymore.

  1. Tell The Dog What To Do

This method involves teaching your dog a command that will allow him to bark for attention but without barking. This method is quite challenging, but you will accomplish it with some dedication and patience. First, choose an object related to your dog and make sure he understands what barking means. Then teach him to bark for attention in a manner that has no relation with barking. For instance, let’s say your puppy has been barking for attention when you come home at night; tell him to bark for attention when the doorbell rings or the doorbell rings.

  1. Use A Training Collar

Using a collar is one of the best methods to stop a puppy from barking for attention. The method also helps train a dog not to jump up on people or other animals. However, this method is quite costly, but it is worth it.

  1. Remove The Motivation

One of the major causes of a dog’s behaviour is his natural instinct, and when it comes to barking for attention, the cause is quite simple. If you allow your puppy to bark for attention in an area where people or other animals frighten him, he will keep barking until you remove the source of fear from his mind. Therefore, the best way to stop a puppy from barking for attention is to remove the source of fear from his mind.

  1. Desensitize Your Dog

Desensitizing your dog is the easiest method to stop a puppy from barking for attention. For this, you need to gradually remove the stimulus of your dog’s environment so that your puppy will learn that barking does not get him any attention. The first step of desensitizing your dog is to stop taking him to the noisy places where he barks for attention. Then gradually introduce him to the different environments where he’s not allowed to bark. He won’t bark anymore once he learns that his barking is useless.

  1. Keep Your Puppy Tired

This method is quite effective and simple. All you have to do is make sure that your puppy gets enough exercise and playtime so that the puppy remains physically and mentally exhausted. That will cause the puppy to sleep more and reduce his need for attention, which will reduce his desire to bark. If you have problems with your puppy, try this method first because it is effortless to implement.

  1. Crate Trains Your Puppy

When you travel or want to confine your puppy to one area for an extended period, crating is the best way to stop your puppy from barking for attention. By keeping your puppy in his crate, you prevent him from eliminating, and therefore, he will remain calm and quiet. Also, when you are not around your puppy, he will learn that he is not getting attention unless, consequently, he will stop barking.

  1. Tell Your Puppy To Quit Barking

This method is quite effective, and it works like magic. The first step is to tell your puppy to “Quit It.” Then, give him a treat for obeying your command. Then, continue giving him the same order every time he starts to bark. After a while, you will find that he will start listening to you because he will start associating your commands with the promise of a treat.

  1. Teach Your Puppy To Do Something Else Instead Of Barking:

That is one of the most overlooked methods but, it is beneficial. Most often than not, if you have a puppy who barks too much, what you need is for him to find something else to do. If you have a high-energy dog, you should ensure that he gets enough exercise to remain physically and mentally exhausted. That will cause him to sleep more and reduce his need for attention, which will reduce his desire to bark.

  1. Consult A Certified Dog Trainer

By hiring an expert dog trainer, you will be able to stop your puppy from barking for attention more easily. There are many reasons you should hire a professional dog trainer for your puppy. Some of the reasons include:

• Most Dogs Are Susceptible To Stress And Anxiety:

Consulting a dog trainer will eliminate the source of your puppy’s stress and anxiety so he will no longer feel the need to bark. This method is quite effective, and it works like magic. Therefore working with a professional dog trainer enables him to assess your dog’s behaviour more accurately. Also, he will be able to recommend the best method to stop your dog from barking based on his personality.

• Certified Dog Trainer Knows The Right Tips To Train Your Puppy

A good dog trainer will have the right tools (tricks) to help you teach your puppy not to bark. These tools include positive reinforcement, enabling your puppy to learn faster and retain the training. Also, he will know what methods to use when your dog resists the training. He will know to desensitize your puppy: a good dog trainer will know the best practices to help you desensitize your puppy so that he will no longer be afraid of certain noises or stimuli.

That is very important because it will enable you to stop taking your puppy to the places where he barks for attention. A good dog trainer will have the patience to work with you: most people who want to train their dog to stop barking are in a state of shock and disbelief. They have read books, attended seminars, and bought all kinds of expensive gadgets and gizmos with the hope of finally achieving success.

  1. Consult A Behaviorist

If all else fails, you should try consulting a certified behaviourist. Behaviourists are incredibly effective in dealing with problems like excessive barking because they use a scientific approach to solving the problem. There are many behaviourists in the United States, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find one in your area. Here are some points you should consider when searching for a behaviourist:

It would help if you only worked with a behaviourist who has thoroughly studied the science of behaviour. You should make sure that he is willing and able to work non-stop until the problem is solved. Find out how long he has been in practice and ask questions about some of his past clients. That will give you an idea of his expertise and experience. Ask for references and check them out. Also, you should check with your local veterinary clinic because they will likely have references.


As you can see, there are many ways you can stop your dog from barking. If you use at least two or three of these methods, I am confident that you will solve the problem. However, there is an essential consideration that you should always keep in mind, and that is, you should never reprimand your puppy for barking! Reprimanding teaches a dog bad lessons, which will create a bad environment for him in the future. Therefore, you should never yell at your dog or hit him when he barks. That could seriously jeopardize your relationship with him. It has been proven that hitting a dog only increases his desire to bark! So, what should you do instead? Ignore your dog whenever he barks. That will teach him that barking does not get him attention.