How to get a Pitbull puppy to stop biting

Pitbulls are known for their bravery and intelligence. They are also known for their certain protective behaviors that they sometimes display especially when it comes to the people they love. However, even Pitbulls have their rebellious stages in terms of disciplining themselves which can be very dangerous especially if not controlled at this early stage.

To get a Pitbull puppy to stop biting, follow these steps:

  1. Be firm with your discipline.
  2. Do not shout or punish the puppy for his mistake. You will just aggravate him and create more problems that can be solved if you are patient enough to follow through these 20 steps carefully and patiently.
  3. Find out where he likes to bite you specifically because there is a possibility that he sees this as play time instead of an act of aggression which means you need to train him how to act appropriately by showing him who is in control.
  4. If the puppy bites too hard, tell him no firmly but do not shout at him nor punish him by hitting them because this would only make the problem worse than it already was before you started these twenty steps so show patience throughout this training process.
  5. Be consistent with your discipline every time he bites you no matter how much pressure he exerts on you because this will get him used to the idea of correcting his mistakes.
  6. Use an anti-bark collar when you are not at home or cannot supervise him especially when mischief is happening around the house which can be a possible distraction for him while he’s biting people.
  7. Get professional help from a dog trainer who has experience in dog aggression cases so that they can help you prepare both physically and mentally when it comes to training your pitbull puppy on how to act appropriately when they see things like children, adults etc… around them since this is an early stage their protective behaviors are still developing.
  8. Give your puppy something that he can chew on instead of you when he is teething like a bone or a chew toy so that they will not get the urge to bite you every time he’s feeling like chewing anything.
  9. Make sure there are boundaries set in place between him and others especially children because this will make him understand his strengths and weaknesses which means, they need to know their limitations before they start getting into more trouble than what’s needed.
  10. Some puppies just love exploring things around them while some dogs just want to be left alone especially if they already know certain “ground rules” but at the same time, it takes some dogs longer to adjust into their environment, thus creating some sort of chaos and confusion for both you and the puppy.
  11. Be patient with your pitbull puppy because if you continue to show them who is in charge, they will eventually understand what boundaries are set in place which means no more biting anyone around the house whether it’s the dog or any person for that matter.
  12. Keep a close eye on where he goes when he runs away from you especially with food items around the house because some dogs get into things that may be harmful to his health depending on what type of food it is that he is eating.
  13. Teach him how to walk politely beside everyone including kids and adults by restraining his leash at all times when outside even if he gets distracted by other animals like squirrels, birds etc… because he can also get into some trouble if he starts to wonder off. 14. Don’t leave your pitbull puppy unattended outside the house with other children or adults because this may lead to a fight especially during those teething stages of his life where they are exploring around the house and all its contents which includes biting some objects that they find interesting along the way even those expensive things you cannot really afford to lose at this point in time.
  14. Make sure your dog is always up-to-date on medical records including shots, veterinarian visits and any information that concerns him as a pet/ animal because this will help you save both time and money when going through certain procedures for your sake and his sake.
  15. Go through obedience training with him because this will help you both bond more if he can follow your orders without hesitation or making you feel like you are not the owner of the house at all times.
  16. Teach how to walk on a leash around other dogs especially if they are curious about either barking at each other, playing with each other etc… because this will help them understand that it’s ok to be around others as long as we’re under control and everything is peaceful and calm then it should be fine for everyone (the dog and any person) involved in the process.
  17. Make sure their grooming needs are met such as clipping nails, brushing their coats etc… by visiting a professional Dog Groomer once in a while because this will keep them well-groomed and happy which means, less stress to you during that process.
  18. Make sure your just like any other family member by giving him the same amount of love no matter what but do not forget that there are rules set in place for both your sake and his sake.
  19. Be patient with him because this is all part of growing up along the way even if he teases people around the house or starts to get into trouble every now and then, it’s important to stick with it until he figures out what boundaries are needed instead of constantly staying on top of him all the time. If you follow these steps properly then your pitbull puppy should be able to adjust in no time and stop reacting in ways that may be harmful for him and/or anyone around the house when he is exploring every inch of where you live.
  20. Have fun with your new fur friend, they will be there for you whenever you need them most especially when you’re feeling sad or low during the day just by looking at their happy faces will make you feel much better as a person.
  21. Train your pup to deal with loud noises that may scare him during the first few months of his life because this is a crucial time for him to stay calm and live a long, happy, healthy life.
  22. Teach how to play with others by not biting them in any way possible whether it’s children or adults around the house but instead, teach him how to use their toys when going through aggressive behavior during playtime.
  23. Make sure he understands this right from wrong by giving positive reinforcement whenever something goes well such as being quiet for an hour after you have been training etc…
  24. Train them properly yourself by enrolling into dog obedience school especially if you can’t keep up on own because it will save both time and money in the long run.
  25. Make sure your dog understands that you are his owner by showing him who is responsible for what around the house instead of nagging about rules all day, but be patient with him if he makes a mistake or two because it’s part of growing up along the way.
  26. Be patient with your pup because this is all part of training them to understand your pace as an owner so they can follow through accordingly without questions asked which helps both parties involved have a much more comfortable relationship between one another.
  27. Give yourself enough time to train them properly so they can learn how to behave during those tough, teething stages of life which includes learning not to bite everything within their reach because this is a very important rule to learn before they start biting your shoes, clothes etc…
  28. Make sure he understands how to defend himself by teaching him the appropriate bite styles to use in times where someone invades their space or even comes after you instead of them for whatever reason.
  29. Train yourself to see things from his point of view when it comes down to sticking up for him which will make him feel more secure around you especially if he knows that you are willing to stand up against anyone who might try and hurt him in any way possible. Remember that this is all part of the process so do not get discouraged when something goes wrong along the way because it’s part of training life, not everything can go right.


The steps provided here are tested and true methods that can be used to help train your pitbull puppy to stop biting instead of doing the opposite which is not what you actually want. Follow through with these rules properly if you want to see results within a few weeks or months, but do remember that every dog is different so it might take more or less time for him/her to adjust accordingly depending on their personality type. When in doubt always ask your vet for advice before moving forward with the training process.