How to Get your Puppy to Poop Outside

As you potty train a puppy on how to get your puppy to poop outside, you are required to have patience and a lot of determination. At first, puppies are likely to poop in the potty but pee outside the potty. When your puppy gets to 12-weeks, it is mature for the potty training process. In case the puppy is not yet ready, it will certainly be near the training period. From birth until 12 weeks, the puppy has zero control of its bowel movements. This implies it has no adequate knowledge on when it ought to hold urine and poo and when to let it go. Generally, never allow your puppy to soil or dirty the house with poop. Whenever the puppy is indoors, keep an eye on it until the time it will get to learn to poop at the right place on its own. The best training methods for your puppy are:

• Anticipation of the Puppy’s Poop Time
• Leash Method
• Enzymatic Cleaner Usage
• Use of a Crate to Train Them
• Take Puppy for Walks
• Often Visitation of Outside
• Comfortability
• Help them love rain and cold

Anticipation of the Puppy’s Poop Time

If you wish to control the pooping habits of your puppy, you require awareness of the time they poop. When you catch the puppy often before it poops, you will direct them to undertake the activity outside. Generally, the puppies are known to engage in elimination every 30 minutes after each meal. In case you engage your pet in the feeding treats, this is the time to count as the start of digestion by the puppy’s digestion system.

A puppy is likely to poop around 1-5 times every day. The frequency is highly determined by the frequency of the overall feeding process. As puppy’s feed on more than three meals daily, they will poop more regularly. Puppies are also likely to poop more in the cases where they are left to feed on snacks all day long. When you watch its behavior, you will understand how it behaves before it poops. Many puppies tend to sniff on the ground and perform different circles. There is also a great need for one to have an understanding of the whole pooping schedule. One does not have to necessarily make the markings using high lighteners with seven shades. With a daily notepad, you will easily keep the best track of different forms of habits. This implies you will have a great idea of the number of times they poop and what they get to do before they go for the call. Overall, they will pee and poo after long naps, after play-time, after meals, and in the mornings.

Leash Method

When you get adequate knowledge on when your puppy poos and pees, it is your responsibility to take it outside before it does the action. You need to unleash them, take them with you outside, and also walk with them around. This is the best solution on the question how to get your puppy to poop outside. When you are in a desirable location, you can tell them “go potty.’ When you repeat these words over a long time, they will understand what you mean. You need to always praise your puppy when it poops after you instruct it to do so and help it understand that you are indeed happy. After that, unleash it and give it the chance to move around freely. Another thing, be keen not to take your puppy inside immediately after it poops. If you take it back immediately, it will hold the call next time as it will think you were not happy with what it did.

Enzymatic Cleaner Usage

After the puppy poops in the house, you need to clean up the mess. Puppies have a high sense of smell and when they get to smell their poop, they will think it is right for them to poop in the house. An enzymatic cleaner performs a great job in the perfect removal of the puppy’s smell.

Use of a Crate to Train Them

In case you are not using a crate already, you need to note that this is a great tool that people are using in house-training. Besides, the crate offers the pets a security sense. The puppies are happy when they learn of their safety and a crate gives exactly great levels of safety. Puppies are clean and will never get to poop in the crate since this is a small area. While in the crate, they will learn how to hold the bowel until; the time one removes them from the crate. When you take the puppy from the crate, it will most likely poop immediately, Thus, it is your role to make sure you rush it outside immediately without keeping it down in the house.

Take Puppy for Walks

Though puppies are not strong for long walks, short walks will help them a lot. These walks are best done after each meal. As you walk with your puppy in the streets and at the yard, it will offer it many chances to poop. As usual, remember to say ‘go potty.’ Whenever they hear these words, they will certainly associate them with the pooping action. Besides, be keen to reward them anytime they do what you expect.

Often Visitation of Outside

Before you train your puppy on where to poop, you will find it to be a poop machine. The puppy has no control of their bowels before they attain 12-14 weeks. When you visit outside with your puppy, you will associate outside with the pooping act. As you engage in the house training process, you need to walk with the puppy outside as often as you can. The best idea is for you to carry the puppy outside at least one time every hour. Though you may find these to be many times, the work will certainly pay dividends after some time.


After the puppy poops, it is likely to get some feelings of vulnerability. In case the puppy feels some form of anxiety while outside, they will not poop and will have to wait until you take it inside. Generally, the anxiety is likely to be experienced when it hears a loud noise or when they learn there is a dog that lives next door. It is for this reason that you need to spend adequate time with it outside for it to get used to whatever is taking place. As you spend time outside, walk with them, play, and feed them. This way, you will get adequate time to perform all the training you wish to. When you engage in these different things, you will certainly improve your overall outdoors perception. When they are comfortable outside, you will have an easy time as they will poop outside comfortably.

Help them Love Rain and Cold

It is a bit hard to train a puppy to poop outside in rainy, cold, and winter seasons. Besides, there is a necessity of training them that the rain is never their enemy. Whenever it is raining, make sure you take the leash and a raincoat. As you go for small walks in the rain, make sure you pour generous praises on your puppy. This way, your puppy will fall in love with the rain. In the case where there is snow, you need to make sure your puppy wears boots to make sure their feet are warm. When you clean the snow area, the puppy will easily determine the areas which had poop and will thus ease themselves from those areas. This way, they will have a comfortable location that will guide them into getting them into the best positions as they poop. In the case where the weather is too cold, you need to make sure your puppy has a warm jacket. When you spend a lot of time outside, the more you will help them love the weather regardless of the situation. As long as you are both warm, there is nothing that will prevent you from walking outside in the cold weather.


If you want to clean up after the puppy accidentally poos away from the designated area, make sure you apply paper towels or soiled rags. This way, your puppy will slowly learn that the scented area is the area it is supposed to poop. In the case when you are paper-training, make sure to confine the puppy with adequate room, a separate place, and playing space.

In case you find your puppy’s poop to have a different color, you ought to visit the vet soonest possible, IWhen the poop is bloody, runny, and when the puppy poops more than five times daily, it implies they are likely to have medical issues. These issues ought to get addressed soonest possible.

You have seen that pooing is behavioral and thus one can easily teach the puppy on best pooping habits. Your question on how to get your puppy to poop outside is now answered. This procedure is even much simpler as the pets love to be praised and thus struggle to become good dogs. When you repeatedly teach them that outside is a good place, the more they are likely to poop there. Many people who have used the leash method say that it proved successful. Whenever you have any kind of additional concerns, it is always good to seek the services of a veterinarian.